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Algae control in Egyptian sewage treatment plant

Destabilized oxygen and pH levels

Luxor Water Company’s Arment sewage treatment plant is in southern Egypt. Severe algae growth due to high temperatures, coupled with stagnant water, resulted in destabilized oxygen and pH levels. This required a quick and efficient solution to reduce algae growth and improve water quality. Since the installation in February 2021, algae levels have been severely reduced, and water quality has improved.

Project summary

Algae reduced

Improved water quality


Oxygen, COD & BOD

pH levels

pH levels stabilized

Before treatment
After treatment
MPC-Buoy installation
MPC-Buoy maturation pond

Nutrient-rich water

The Arment treatment plant consists of two anaerobic ponds, two transforming ponds and six maturation ponds. The plant operates under the supervision of the National Authority for Drinking Water Sanitation. In charge of overseeing the water quality standards in the country. The algae treatment project began in February 2021 with the installation of an MPC-Buoy in one of the six maturation ponds. These ponds are designed to remove pathogens and nutrients from the water. Direct sunlight, nutrient-rich water, and the high temperatures in northern Egypt create the ideal circumstances for algae to bloom.

A remotely operated solution

In search of a treatment solution, Luxor Water Company required a remotely controlled solution due to its geographical location in the desert. Another requirement was coping with the shallow water depth of just 1,5 meters. The Luxor Water Company board choose MPC-Buoy due to its innovative and effective technology to control algae growth; ultrasound.

The water quality data collected by the system allows the operators at the plant to follow the algae treatment process, and monitor the water quality in real-time. The data is presented in MPC-Buoy. A web-based monitoring software packed with features to monitor, visualize and process water quality data.

Quick results

The data below shows how directly after installing the MPC-Buoy Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin and Turbidity levels improved. Within 30 days, the system had analyzed the water quality and applied the optimal ultrasonic algae treatment for this specific pond.

Egypt algae data

The pictures taken at the pond also proved an improved visual state of the pond. The picture on the left was taken on February 2nd, 2021 – and the picture on the right on April 15th, 2021. As a result, algae levels improved, oxygen levels (COD & BOD) significantly increased, and pH levels stabilized.

Egypt before and after treatment



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