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Remote Sensing

Monitor water quality from space
Track algal bloom evaluations
Access historical and present images

Don't let location be a barrier to understanding your water

Remote water quality monitoring

satellite-remote sensing

Satellite data

Satellites equipped with special sensors continuously capture images of the earth. LG Sonic leverages these satellite images to extract data on Chlorophyll-a, Phycocyanin, and water quality parameters including temperature and turbidity. Our algorithms convert this data into useful water quality information.

distance-remote sensing

Overcome distance

Our technology covers vast distances and can analyze multiple parameters of your water bodies. From remote locations to sprawling coastlines, our satellite imagery provides comprehensive coverage and detailed analysis. Don’t let location be a barrier to understanding your water, let our technology take you there.

Predict the future

LG Sonic Remote sensing in combination with in-situ water quality data allows for the detection and monitoring of algae levels and water quality at higher spatial and temporal coverages. LG Sonic supplies high-resolution images allowing you to make informed decisions for all your water bodies.

Unlock the full potential of satellite imagery

Our cutting-edge data analysis utilizes multiple sources like Sentinel 2, Landsat 5, 8, MODIS and more, we offer a comprehensive view of the earth’s surface. With over 30 years of data dating back to 1984, our team of experts and our partnership with Google allows us to deliver unparalleled insights into water quality.

Artificial intelligence

Discover the power of AI in remote sensing with LG Sonic. Our technology uses AI to analyze satellite data for Chlorophyll-a, Phycocyanin, Dissolved Oxygen, and Turbidity, providing unique insights to our clients. Our worldwide in-situ sensors, from MPC-Buoy, enhance satellite data and offer additional context.

LG Sonic Water Quality Index

Get accurate and reliable water quality data with LG Sonic’s unique methodology. Our water quality index considers key parameters such as temperature, phycocyanin, dissolved oxygen and turbidity, giving you a clear understanding of your water quality on a scale of 0 to 100%. Monitor remotely and take prompt action when needed.

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LG Sonic Remote Sensing