Cooling Towers

    Prevent Biofouling with Ultrasound

    Lower biofouling formation, bacterial counts, and chemical consumption in cooling towers with ultrasound.

      • Prevent biofouling growth
      • Reduce chemical dosage
      • Reduce the risk of spreading legionella

    How ultrasound prevents biofouling

    Prevent Biofouling and lower chemicals

    A matrix of different microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, EPS and algae can grow very rapidly when temperatures are high in cooling towers.

    Algae can grow in the cooling tower itself and on the grids from the tower. This could lead to enormous disadvantages of biofilm in cooling towers. Therefore, water used in cooling towers needs frequent treatment and chemical shocks to keep levels of micro-organisms to a minimum.

    Biofouling in a cooling tower

    Biofilm formation

    In a cooling system there are billions of bacteria which are held together by a slimy substance (EPS). The formation of a biofilm, or biofouling come into existence when the bacteria stops moving, settles down and becomes part of a biofilm. To this layer, other organisms such as algae, weeds, parasites, muscles or even barnacles may attach. Due to biofouling- negative effects may occur such as increased chemical consumption, corrosion and increases in power requirements of the system. Biofouling also can cause health and safety implications due to the growth of disease-causing bacteria such as Legionella and Listeria.

    Biofouling removal

    A bacteria-free cooling water system is not to be found in the industry, because their conditions are generally favourable for bacteria. To remove biofouling from the cooling towers, mechanical removal is applied, with use of brushes, scrapers or foam balls. Nevertheless, mechanical removal does not kill the bacteria. Bacteria in cooling towers is killed by oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocides. However, the use of these biocides can cause a drop in PH levels and can subsequently form chloramines. Other technologies- such as ultrasound- can be applied to reduce the use of biocides and to reduce biofouling.

    Which Product do I need?

    Product brochure

    Depending on the length of the water surface we offer different variations of our products. Please contact us for a solution that fits your specific needs.

    LG Sonic Industrial Line

    Control Algae and Biofouling with the LG Sonic Industrial Line

    Control algae and biofouling in industrial applications

      • Reduce chemical expenses
      • Control biofouling and algae effectively
      • Easy installation and maintenance
    More information

    Prevent biofouling growth and reduce chemical dosage with ultrasound

    69% Reduction in Biocide Dosage

    Cases overview

    At the Al Futtaim Cooling district, chemicals were used in the cooling tower water treatment. The plant incorporated the LG Sonic cooling tower algae control technology into their chemical treatment program to reduce the biocide consumption in the cooling towers and improve the water quality.

    Dubai Festival City

      • 69% reduction in biocide dosage
      • 53% reduction in antiscalant dosage
      • Microbial analysis of the water after tests of satisfactory quality and within specific limits



    No use of cavitation for a longer product lifetime

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