Control Algae with Ultrasound

    Treating blue-algae in lakes with ultrasound allows to improve the water quality without harming the ecosystem.

      • Eliminate up to 90% of the current algae
      • Prevent the occurrence of toxic blue-green algae
      • Safe for fish, plants and other aquatic life

    How ultrasound targets algae

    Reduce blue-green algae

    In lakes, large ponds, water reservoirs and public waters, the growth of blue-green algae presents a global problem.

    These types of algae represent a group of bacteria known as cyanobacteria, which give rise to a distinct foul odour and are also known to produce toxins. Each year, numerous lakes are forced to close for recreational and other uses due to the growth of blue-green algae. High-tech water quality monitoring and algal controlling systems can prevent algal blooms in lakes.

    A lake covered with algae

    Blue-green algae growth

    Due to climate change, average temperatures are increasing. As a result, algae blooms within freshwater lakes occur more often and are more severe. Blue-green algae- also known as cyanobacteria- can cause problems when blooming in lakes. Toxins from cyanobacteria have caused many instances of fish kills and the death of domestic animals. They can also cause illnesses, paralysis in humans, and some are even suspected to be involved in the occurrence of liver cancer.

    Eliminate harmful chemicals

    The use of harmful chemicals such as copper and/or chlorine are in this context more and more unwanted, as they are harmful to the environment and often produce unwanted side effects. Furthermore, herbicide and algaecide treatments require often-expensive permits by the local government for environmental protection. When using aquatic herbicides, the lake or reservoir needs to be closed for several days.


    Which Product do I need?

    Depending on the length of the water surface we offer different variations of our products. Please contact us for a solution that fits your specific needs.

    LG Sonic MPC-Buoy

    Control and Monitor Algae with the MPC-Buoy

    Complete algae control solution by using ultrasound

      • Sensor package to provide real-time water quality data
      • Control algae in lakes, dams and water reservoirs
      • Treatment range of 500m/1600ft in diameter
    More information

    Algal blooms can be reduced by 70-90% in concentration, compared to no treatment

    LG Sonic is running MPC-Buoy projects in more than 20 countries worldwide

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