Safe for aquatic life

LG Sonic ultrasound only targets algae growth

No closing of the lake

The lakes remains open to the public

No permits required

Compliant with EPA and government regulations

No release of toxins

The algae are degraded by bacteria

Reduce blue-green algae

In lakes, large ponds, water reservoirs and public waters, the growth of blue-green algae presents a global problem.

These types of algae represent a group of bacteria known as cyanobacteria, which give rise to a distinct foul odour and are also known to produce toxins. Each year, numerous lakes are forced to close for recreational and other uses due to the growth of blue-green algae.


Lake management case studies

Three Rivers case study
Three Rivers
Lakes remain open during algae season

Control Cyanobacteria concentration Four solar-powered algae control systems were installed in the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth (UK) to control the cyanobacteria concentration in two lakes. Two systems were installed in a lake used for water skiing and fishing, and two additional unites were installed in June 2017 in a lake used for sailing. To ensure that the concentration of cyanobacteria remained at an acceptable level at a popular public open space…

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Dubai municipality case
Dubai Municipality
73% blue-green algae reduction in Dubai

Reducing algae growth In August 2018, LG Sonic began a new project in Dubai in collaboration with the Dubai Municipality to control algal blooms in the Al Qudra lakes. The lakes were created by the municipality as part of a project to enrich this part of the Dubai desert. To control the algal blooms, three MPC-Buoys were installed. After 60 days, it was clear that the systems improved the water…

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South West Water case study
South West Water
Six years of partnership with South West Water

Sustainable partnership Since 2014 South West Water, formerly Bournemouth Water, is using LG Sonic MPC-Buoy systems to monitor and control algal blooms at Longham Lakes. High algae concentrations in reservoirs used for drinking water purposes causes increased chemical dosage and blockages of filters and pipes within the water treatment plant. South West Water holds health and wellbeing of people and the environment in their core values. Environmental health is critical to…

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Which product do I need?

With the MPC-Buoy you solve the algae problem at the source, the raw water reservoir. This results in increased filter run-times, less chemical usage and low maintenance.


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Blue-green algae growth

Due to climate change, average temperatures are increasing. As a result, algae blooms within freshwater lakes occur more often and are more severe. Blue-green algae- also known as cyanobacteria- can cause problems when blooming in lakes.

Toxins from cyanobacteria have caused many instances of fish kills and the death of domestic animals. They can also cause illnesses, paralysis in humans, and some are even suspected to be involved in the occurrence of liver cancer.

Algae sample