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We are a Dutch-American company leader in sustainable algae management. We design and manufacture innovative solutions to control algal blooms and improve water quality in different industries.

Our mission

Deliver smart solutions to fight environmental pollution and eliminate harmful chemicals in the water treatment industry.
What we do

What we do

For over 10 years, we have invested in research and development of our knowledge of algae and water quality. Today, we provide sustainable technologies to treat algal blooms with presence in more than 55 countries and serving 12 different industries.

How we do it

How we do it

We specialize in manufacturing devices that apply our patented ultrasound technology and are remotely controlled by our team of water quality experts. In addition, we provide a lifecycle service to maintain algae and water quality parameters at optimal levels.

Why we do it

Why we do it

Water, one of our most valuable resources, is facing serious environmental challenges. Algal blooms are one of its major threats, which is why we deliver solutions that lead to the restoration of the ecosystem without adding chemicals or other pollutants.

Algae and water quality experts

We are pioneers in the use of targeted ultrasound technology in the water treatment industry. Over 10 years, we have worked on developing features and technologies to improve our results. Our customers benefit from our innovative and sustainable approach to solving the challenges caused by algae blooms while reducing the consumption of chemicals and parameters in the water such as TSS, pH and BOD.


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Our leadership


Yousef Yousef, CEO

Yousef founded LG Sonic in 2011. He studied tax law and holds an executive MBA. He is an entrepreneur with an innovative vision in water quality management, high data technologies and environmental monitoring, for which he has received several awards such as the Aquatech Innovation Award and Shell LiveWIRE Award. Yousef is the president of the Dutch business community ‘Green Growers’ and member of the EIC Advisory Board, where he strengthens his drive for green innovation in Europe.


Lisa Brand, CTO

Lisa Brand is a microbiologist with 14 years of experience in the field of water quality. She obtained a degree in microbiology from Leiden University and a diploma in radiation hygiene from Delft Technical University. She has been coordinator of two EU-funded projects, with research and practical management experience. In her position as CTO at LG Sonic, she focuses on the development of sustainable and chemical-free solutions for various water related problems such as algae blooms and biofouling.

We are global, and local

  • The Netherlands

  • United States

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Brazil

  • Distributors

The Netherlands

Corporate headquarters

Opened in 2011, this European venue is where we established our corporate headquarters and our R&D department. At this location we continue to improve our features and technologies in our in-house water laboratory.


Heliumstraat 7
2718 SL Zoetermeer
South Holland

+31 070 770 9030
[email protected]

LG Sonic headquarters
LG Sonic headquarters

United States


201 Lackawanna Ave.
Suite 222
Scranton, PA 18503

+1 833-547-6642
[email protected]

US office
US office

United Arab Emirates


JLT, Cluster R 
PO BOX 336851 
United Arab Emirates  

+971 52 583 3126  
[email protected]

UAE office
UAE office




Worldwide distributors network

LG Sonic operates in 55 countries on six continents. In addition to our 4 international offices, we have a worldwide network of distributors and local partners that allow the installation of our devices in different locations worldwide.


If you need information about a specific location, please contact us for assistance.


Our story


LG Sound was established

With a grant from the European Union, Yousef Yousef, Lisa Brand and Rick Kaper established LG Sound to kickstart the building of its prototype and applied research for algae control


Introduction MPC-Buoy

After a year of testing, the first prototype of the water quality monitoring and algae control system called MPC-Buoy was installed


Start partnership American Water

In collaboration with one of the leading water supply companies, operations began in the United States with the MPC-Buoy system


LG Sonic rebranding

With accelerated growth and expansion into different countries, the company experienced a brand repositioning to further establish focused ultrasound technology


Introduction MPC-NanoBubble

In an effort to continue providing solutions to improve water quality, we are introducing our new technology based on small gas bubbles to increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water


Opening of the Brazil office

With over 10,000 installations worldwide, LG Sonic continues to expand its operations. This year, we opened a new office in Brazil, where we will continue to increase our algae mitigation efforts

Award-winning innovation

Aquatech innovation award
Bluetech Research Technology Innovation Award
Isle utilities
Northumbrian Water
Shell Livewire

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