ANDA Installs MPC-Buoy systems in El Salvador to safeguard water supply

With the approval of a $100 million loan from The World Bank, the Administración Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (ANDA) has made substantial progress toward improving the consistency and quality of El Salvador’s water supply. ANDA has installed three MPC-Buoy systems created by LG Sonic in cooperation with strategic partners the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Winrock International. These devices use cutting-edge ultrasound technology to detect and prevent algae blooms, guaranteeing that El Salvador’s citizens have access to safe drinking water.

1.5 million lives

A significant advancement for the nation is the installation of the MPC-Buoys in the Lempa river basin, which provides the main water source for the Torogoz Water Treatment Plant. A stunning 1.5 million Salvadorans, or 40% of the population living in the San Salvador metropolitan region, depend on this treatment plant for potable drinking water.

The progress was noted with satisfaction by Rubén Alemán, president of ANDA, who said, “The buoys are already in the Lempa River, monitoring the water that enters the Torogoz Water Treatment Plant and inhibiting algae in its path.” With the addition of these cutting-edge devices, more than a million Salvadorans can now be assured of the dependability and safety of their water supply.

The LG Sonic MPC-Buoy systems employ ultrasound technology to stop the growth of dangerous algal blooms. These blooms may have a negative effect on water quality, endangering consumer health and interfering with water treatment procedures. The buoys prevent algae growth by broadcasting certain ultrasonic frequencies, protecting the water supply and maintaining its quality.

Strong partnership

Without the coordinated efforts of ANDA, USAID, and Winrock International, this significant endeavor would not have been possible. Winrock International is dedicated to providing economic possibilities for underprivileged people and guaranteeing the sustainable use of natural resources. Winrock International is known for its experience in social, agricultural, and environmental development. These groups’ collaboration demonstrates their shared commitment to finding solutions to the complicated problems that face communities all across the world.

El Salvador has made great strides in improving the consistency and quality of its water supply with the installation of the MPC-Buoy systems. The nation can proactively avoid the growth of hazardous algal blooms with the help of ultrasound technology, assuring a safer and healthier water source for its residents. The partnership between ANDA, USAID, Winrock International, and LG Sonic is an admirable illustration of how to tackle pressing environmental issues and advance sustainable development.