Control pH, TSS & Algae in Industrial Water

Treated wastewater usually contains high levels of nutrients that can cause algal blooms on the water surface of industrial ponds. Excessive algae growth increases pH, BOD, and TSS levels, making discharge of the water difficult and risking NPDES compliance.

You’ll get

  • Insights from industry experts on industrial water treatment
  • Learn about treatment methods to reduce pH, TSS & algae
  • Applications include cooling, settling, and wastewater ponds
  • Monitoring & alerting solutions
  • Case studies from NIPSCO and American Crystal Sugar
  • Q&A


Live on Wednesday October 6, 10am PDT/1pm EDT. Available on-demand for those who register.


  • Kole Peterson – Process engineer, product owner, and operations manager with a passion for commercialization and customer experience. With 15+ years of water quality system design experience, Kole is based at out our new office in Denver, Colorado area.
  • EJ Neafsey, PhD – Data Scientist and chief water specialist for 20+ years. EJ’s focus is on assisting customer system design needs on Eastern Seaboard and Canada. He also has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. Being a data scientist, he’s involved with system analysis.

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