Proven: MPC-Buoy has no negative impact on Zooplankton

A recent study commissioned by the Dutch water board and conducted by research agency Ecofide, has found no negative effects of the ultrasonic sound waves from the MPC-Buoy on Zooplankton.

The research was conducted as part of a 2-year pilot project of the Municipality Zoetermeer, Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland and LG Sonic to study the applicability of the MPC-Buoy systems for a lake in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.


Only target the growth of algae

LG Sonic believes in implementing solutions for environmental problems such as algal blooms without negatively impacting other organisms in the ecosystem. Our technologies are chemical free, environmentally friendly and only impact the target organism (algae). Especially in lakes this is very important because algal blooms may affect the balance between plants, bacteria, insects and other organisms in a negative manner, resulting in more severe problems over time.


When proposing a solution that also negatively impacts other organisms in the water body, the natural balance cannot be restored, and the lake will continue to depend on human intervention to control the algae. LG Sonic is the only ultrasound technology that can be adjusted to use specific frequencies tailored to the algal type present.