Maynilad streamlines algae management in Laguna de Bay with LG Sonic

LG Sonic, a global leader in advanced ultrasonic algae control technology, has joined forces with Maynilad Water Services Inc. to monitor and tackle the algae problems in Laguna de Bay, Philippines.

The deployment of LG Sonic’s algae control equipment in Laguna Lake signifies the beginning of a new era in eco-friendly, sustainable algae management. The technology uses specific ultrasonic parameters to target the different algae groups present in the lake, reducing both the green and blue-green algae populations and inhibiting their growth.

Environmentally responsible solutions

“Our partnership with Maynilad underscores our commitment to providing environmentally responsible solutions for water bodies worldwide,” said Lisa Brand, CTO of LG Sonic. “We’re excited to extend our operations in the Philippines and work together with Maynilad to restore the health of Laguna de Bay.”

LG Sonic ultrasound technology allows for real-time water quality monitoring and algae prediction. By installing MPC-Buoy systems in Laguna Lake, Maynilad can accurately monitor and predict algal blooms and adjust treatment accordingly. This method reduces the need for chemical treatments, minimizing harm to local ecosystems.

Transforming water quality management

This initiative represents a transformative solution for water quality management in the Philippines. Laguna Lake, a vital water source for many, is set to benefit from the ultrasonic buoys. This collaboration aims to ensure cleaner, safer drinking water for over 15 million consumers in the Manila area.

The improvement in water quality will have a positive impact on local marine life and habitats, reinforcing an environmentally friendly, sustainable model for water resource management.