Maryland American Water drinking water project awarded by EPA

Maryland American Water drinking water project awarded by EPA Maryland American Water received a national honor for excellence by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for improvements to the Harford County drinking water treatment facility.

Reliable water supply

Maryland’s largest dam project in 30 years utilizes LG Sonic ultrasonic algae control systems to prevent algae growth and guarantee water supply in the Mt. Soma reservoir. Maryland American Water, a subsidiary of American Water, provides water services to approximately 25,000 people.

Mt Soma reservoir

The 90-million-gallon reservoir serves as a reliable water supply backup and sustains the water needs of the Town of Bel Air—this is especially useful during times of drought or other water supply emergencies. For more than 20 years, Maryland American Water had purchased additional water from Harford County.

“This innovative project shows the value of public and private partnerships to solve problems and protect the health and well-being of Marylanders,” said Maryland Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles. “MDE congratulates Maryland American Water for this award and for the work the company has done to protect the ecosystem while providing the Town of Bel Air with a sustainable supply of drinking water.”

Sustainable partnerships

A partnership between Allan Myers and Bowen Engineering led to the construction of the Mt. Soma reservoir in 2019, which utilizes the latest water technology developments to improve water quality in an eco-friendly manner. To enhance the facility’s aesthetics while serving an important function, seven floating wetland units were applied that hold 4,000 aquatic plants.

The algae control project at Maryland American Water’s Mt. Soma reservoir is part of a wider roll-out of LG Sonic ultrasonic buoys to improve water quality in its water supply. The first partnership between American Water and LG Sonic started back in 2014 in Canoe Brook, New Jersey. Since then, the innovative partnership has strengthened with new projects in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Hawaii and Iowa.