LG Sonic and Smallwood Civic Association Partner for Cleaner Mountain Lake

LG Sonic, a global front-runner in sustainable algae control, is proud to announce its latest project in the United States. Together with the Smallwood Civic Association (SWCA), LG Sonic has installed its innovative algae treatment buoys in Mountain Lake, New York.

An Innovation for Safer, Cleaner Lakes

The goal of this partnership is to keep the lake waters safe and pristine for people wanting to enjoy them. Utilizing LG Sonic’s state-of-the-art technology, harmful and unsightly algal blooms are effectively controlled without any negative impacts on the aquatic ecosystem.

Our pioneering technology works by emitting specific ultrasonic parameters that target the buoyancy regulation of algae. This prevents their growth and proliferation, while leaving other aquatic life such as fish, plants, and zooplankton unharmed.

Making Every Lake Day a Great Day

Greg Eiffert, the Director of LG Sonic US, emphasized the company’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of those enjoying these natural resources. He stated, “Let’s make every lake day a great day. Our technology is designed to keep the people using Mountain Lake safer, without causing harm to the diverse aquatic life that calls it home.”

Proven and Effective

As part of numerous ongoing projects across the U.S., this implementation further validates the effectiveness of our approach. Dr. Schneider of American Water, for instance, has attested to the efficacy of our ultrasonic buoys in Canoe Brook, NJ.

Moreover, the research conducted by Ecofide has provided further evidence on our technology’s impact, showing no adverse effects on zooplankton, a crucial link in the aquatic food chain.

Long-term Sustainability and Enjoyment

Jonathan Hyman, a representative from SWCA, shared his enthusiasm about the installation. “We expect that this technology will provide benefits to our Membership regarding both the long-term sustainability of our lake and, of course, our ability to collectively use and enjoy it for many, many years to come.”

This initiative with the SWCA is not only about today’s enjoyment of Mountain Lake; it’s about preserving its splendor for future generations. As we continue to make strides in ensuring the health of our water bodies, we keep our commitment to protecting and conserving nature’s gifts for years to come.