Sustainability in Action: LG Sonic and Ecuador’s Airport Combat Algae Blooms

At LG Sonic, we are proud to know our customers demonstrate commitment to caring for the well-being of our planet and its future generations by prioritizing sustainability. One of our success stories comes from Quito, Ecuador, where we cooperated with Quiport, the company responsible for operating and maintaining the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. We spoke with their Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Gabriela Landazuri, to learn about their experience using LG Sonic’s equipment. We are excited to present our newest video interview showcasing our successful collaboration.

The airport has been experiencing intensive algae growth and a significant increase in organic matter in their 17-hectare rainwater reservoir. Extreme proliferation of algal blooms in the water reservoir caused pH levels of the water to rise to 9 and 10. A high pH level in water means the water is more alkaline and therefore more corrosive, characterized by unpleasant odor, as well as harmful for aquatic life. Initially, the airport relied on heavy machinery combined with chemicals in their water treatment processes. However, these efforts turned out to be labor-intensive, harmful for the environment and expensive, leading to increased operational costs.

To ensure responsible and sustainable operations, Quiport has reached out to LG Sonic to implement the latest technological solutions in water management. Since installing our equipment in 2017, Quiport has expressed utmost satisfaction, consistently praising its performance. Their commitment to excellence is evident through their installation of the latest upgrades, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements in algae control.

The installation of the MPC-Buoy at the airport’s reservoir has enabled real-time and remote monitoring of water quality data. The reduced need for manpower combined with harnessing renewable energy sources through the device’s utilization of solar power has led to significant decreases in costs. By employing our ultrasound technology to target algae growth without the use of harmful chemicals, algal blooms have been completely removed in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition to the significant improvement in water quality, several other remarkable achievements were attained.

This partnership between LG Sonic and Quiport showcases a proactive approach towards environmental responsibility, demonstrating how sustainable solutions can effectively address challenges while minimizing ecological impact. Our innovative technology not only protects one of the scarcest vital resources on Earth – water, but also safeguards biodiversity and the health of aquatic ecosystems, contributing to the overarching goal of sustainability. As we continue to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations like Quiport, we are inspired by their proactive approach to addressing environmental issues and striving towards a more sustainable future for all.