LG Sonic’s ultrasound technology eliminates algae in Sabón reservoir, A Coruña

LG Sonic’s innovative ultrasound system has been implemented in Sabón Reservoir, A Coruña, Spain, as a solution to control algae growth, thus ensuring the water quality and reducing the use of chemicals.

LG Sonic, a leading provider of algae control solutions, has recently introduced its state-of-the-art ultrasound system in Sabón Reservoir, A Coruña, Spain. This pioneering technology will help combat and eliminate the growth of algae in the reservoir, maintaining the water quality and minimizing the use of chemicals.

Algae growth in reservoirs and other water bodies is a recurring issue, leading to unpleasant odors, bad taste, and potential health risks. Traditionally, chemicals such as copper sulfate have been used to control algae, but these methods are less sustainable and can negatively impact aquatic life.

In an effort to find a more environmentally friendly solution, the Municipality of A Coruña turned to LG Sonic’s innovative technology. The ultrasound system uses specific frequencies to inhibit algae growth and prevent the formation of algal blooms. This environmentally friendly approach not only protects aquatic life but also ensures the safety of human consumption.

The LG Sonic ultrasound system will be deployed across the entire reservoir, offering real-time monitoring and control of algae levels. The system sends data to a central platform that allows operators to analyze the water quality and make informed decisions based on the collected information. This way, operators can take targeted actions to control and eliminate algae growth, ensuring the quality of the water and reducing the need for chemical treatments.

The implementation of LG Sonic’s ultrasound technology in Sabón Reservoir is expected to have a positive impact on the local community, as well as the environment. By effectively controlling algae growth, the reservoir can provide cleaner, safer water to the region’s inhabitants.

The Municipality of A Coruña’s decision to invest in LG Sonic’s sustainable technology highlights the growing awareness of the need for eco-friendly solutions in water management. As the world faces increasing challenges in maintaining water quality and availability, innovative technologies such as LG Sonic’s ultrasound system will be crucial in addressing these issues and ensuring the safety and sustainability of our water resources.