Webinar: Algae and Your Industrial Water Chemistry

Stagnant, and nutrient-rich surface water creates the ideal conditions for algae to bloom. In industrial waters, algae directly influence pH, TSS, and BOD levels. This makes discharging difficult and can risk compliance with strict government regulations.

Join us live Thursday 24 of March at 10am MST / 5pm CET.

In this webinar EJ Neafsey and Kole Peterson will discuss the impact of algae growth on treatment processes and water discharge. High pH and TSS levels make discharge difficult and can risk environmental compliance.

On the agenda

  • How algae negatively affect pH, TSS, and BOD
  • Impact of algae on processes and water discharges
  • Water quality monitoring & alerts
  • How ultrasound works to control algae
  • Secondary benefits of ultrasound for your industrial water