World Economic Forum shares LG Sonic CEO’s vision on algal blooms

While we experience terrible drought and flooding events due to climate change, another significant hazard is hidden beneath the surface. The fragile state of the world’s freshwater. In his opinion article for the World Economic Forum, LG Sonic CEO Yousef Yousef shares his concerns on the nitrogen and phosphorous accumulations in lakes. This, in turn, is triggering Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

The growth of potentially harmful algae blooms (HAB), which can be extremely toxic, results from eutrophication. Globally, over 100,000 lakes experience HABs. The impact on public health directly from toxic algal blooms is severe, and the presence of HABs in lakes alone leaves millions of people without access to water each year.

Link to the article: Why we need to fix the world’s freshwater algae problem