Year in Review: Our 8 Biggest Achievements of 2021

The year 2021 may have had its challenges, but we didn’t let that get in the way of reaching our ambitious goals. This year, we have grown more than ever before, as a company and as individuals. And this naturally translated into great achievements.

1) We won prestigious water treatment awards

We started the year off on the right foot! Winning two awards in the first few months. Together with the Vallecitos Water District, we received two awards for applying our ultrasound technology that is being used to control algae at the Mahr Reservoir in California.

The “Excellence in Action” national award from the WateReuse Association and the “Innovation and Resiliency” state award from the California Association of Sanitation Agencies were handed out for the district’s use of eco-friendly technology to improve water quality and reduce chemical treatment.

Later during the summer, we won yet another award, this time in the power generation industry. We received the Water Award from POWER Magazine for our project with NIPSCO, who was recognized for complying with the EPA’s NPDES permit limits sustainably with the help of our ultrasonic treatment.

2) Opened our office in Singapore

By far, one of our biggest accomplishments in 2021 was opening our first office in Asia: Singapore! This is a milestone for us, and it solidifies our global presence. The Asia-Pacific region has been struggling with algae blooms and poor water quality for decades.

Our new office will serve as the headquarters for our operations in Asia and will allow us to better serve our customers there. This is the start of a new and exciting phase of business for us. In charge of the office and region is Linus Koh, Business Development Director.

3) Launched new products 

We launched products this year that will help you monitor water quality more effectively. Our new vertical profiling system measures an entire water column in high resolution and in real-time so that you can understand what’s going on in your water body and apply the best treatment.

You may not want to go through the hassle of bringing the system back to shore for maintenance. You might also worry about the safety of your staff. With these needs in mind, our R&D team designed a profiler that can be installed on a stationary buoy and can be checked with ease from a small boat. It’s an essential tool that helps you keep an eye on important water quality parameters.

Another innovation is our new phosphate sensor. Used in combination with the vertical profiler, the sensor measures the amount of phosphate in the water all the way down to the benthic zone. You can now map out the vertical distribution of algae and stay ahead of harmful blooms. In real-time.

4) Attended industry trade shows

In October, we attended WEFTEC, one of the most important water trade shows in the US. We couldn’t be more grateful to have been able to share this experience with our customers and the water community. We also launched our new products in light of this event. With all the difficulties that the pandemic has brought, it was truly inspiring to see how people came together and helped each other out.

Shortly after, we attended the AWWA’s Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC) in Seattle. We’re happy to be a part of such a thriving community and hope to be there next year as well!

5) Deployed MPC-Buoys in the U.S. and beyond

It’s been a busy year here at LG Sonic! Our warehouse has been continuously shipping out MPC-Buoy systems all over the world.

We’ve started projects with notable companies in Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, and Rhode Island–all the way to Chile, Brazil, the Philippines, Bulgaria, and Egypt. We have also added a new industry to our portfolio: sugar beets!

6) Launched video series with Lisa Brand

Starting a video series with our CTO/Microbiologist Lisa Brand was also a huge achievement for us this year. This resulted in videos with Lisa explaining the key features of our technologies, as well as the complex relationship between algae blooms, nutrients, weather, and the dynamics of a lake.

All these videos are available on our YouTube channel.

7) Redesigned our website

We’re proud to have completely redesigned our website! The website is full of features and customized solutions that better meet the needs of our customers. The fresh look of the website reflects our commitment to being the leaders in our sector.

8) Hosted successful webinar series

We ended the year with an exclusive webinar series on algae control. For over a month, we held four online sessions with water quality experts, addressing topics such as

  • The importance of data-driven water quality management
  • Ultrasonic algae control in municipal drinking water reservoirs
  • Preventive monitoring and algae control for industrial and water re-use applications
  • How-to guide for algae control

Our aim was to provide valuable and practical information about algae blooms, ultrasound technology, and real-time water quality monitoring for municipal and industrial applications.

What’s next?

We look ahead to 2022 with a renewed sense of determination to bring an end to problems caused by harmful algae blooms. Our goal every year is to remain committed to our mission, clients, and the environment. By fine-tuning our technologies, developing new ones, and expanding our international reach, we’re hoping to achieve our targets and continue to improve people’s lives.