Celebrating 5 years and 5 projects with EPM

Eight MPC-Buoy systems were installed in the La Fe reservoir in Medellin, Colombia, which is the main drinking water source for the city of Medellin. We are proud that the systems are in continuous operation, ensuring algae-free water since its installation in May 2015.

Two years later, following a significant reduction in cyanobacteria and reduced operational costs, EPM decided to install 6 systems in its other drinking water reservoir, Rio Grande. Within a month following installation, algal blooms have been reduced by more than 90%. Our systems have proved successful even when facing the extreme environmental conditions of el Niño and la Niña. Higher temperatures, water stagnation, and high sunlight intensity all support the occurrence of algal blooms. Our systems were ready for this challenging setting and, with the interactive algae control, we were able to adjust the treatment for a highly dynamic and fast-growing algal population.

Outstanding results from the Rio Grande and La Fe reservoir have led to the installation of another system in the drinking water reservoir located in the beautiful city, Guatapé. Then, in 2019, EPM chose to install 6 systems in its hydroelectric generation reservoir, Porce II, and 4 systems in Porce III. The systems were successfully installed this month.

Throughout the last five years, we have visited the projects multiple times, for installations and site visits. Santiago Barrera, the biologist at EPM, stated that “The algae and cyanobacteria control has been an excellent investment. We achieved by means of an environmentally friendly technology to improve the water quality and decrease the treatment costs, furthermore, we have today monitoring and control which is more adjusted to the behaviour of our reservoir”.