How to ensure high ultrasound output at all times

In short

  • Biofouling reduces ultrasound output up to 60%;
  • Aquawiper™ is the first and only automatic transmitter cleanser;
  • Guarantee ultrasound output and effective algae control 24/7.

How do our ultrasonic transmitters work?

Our MPC-Buoy systems control algae blooms with ultrasound. Each buoy is equipped with four ultrasonic transmitters that emit ultrasound waves into the water to control algae growth.

However, when using ultrasound to treat algae, it’s critical to adapt the ultrasonic programs as soon as changes in water conditions and/or algae species occur. LG Sonic applies ultrasonic programs that are based on proprietary algorithms developed after a decade of research.

These ultrasonic programs can vary in wave form, frequency, pause and amplitude. They’re specific for the algae type, their growth stage and water quality characteristics.

Each MPC-Buoy collects water quality data in real-time and automatically sends it to a centralized server, thus optimizing the algorithms even further.

The adaptive ultrasonic programs are called Chameleon Technology™.

Biofouling decreases ultrasound efficacy

Changing the ultrasonic programs alone isn’t enough to keep algae at bay. The transmitters must also be operational at all times. When the ultrasonic transmitters aren’t regularly cleaned, biofilm starts to form on them.

Biofouling is the accumulation of microorganisms on submerged surfaces. Over time, biofouling can degrade the ultrasonic transmitters. As a result, the ultrasound effectiveness can drop by up to 50% within a month, resulting in a 50% reduction in algae control.

To avert this situation and to ensure high ultrasonic output from the transmitters, the MPC-Buoys have an automatic cleaning system integrated. It’s called the Aquawiper™.

Guarantee high ultrasound output

The Aquawiper™ is the first and only automatic ultrasound transmitter cleanser. It cleans the transmitter three times a day to ensure high output of the ultrasound.

This unique feature takes away the chore of manually cleaning the transmitters on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It also significantly reduces maintenance time, costs and labor.

That’s it – no scrubbing, no chemicals, no hassle.