LG Sonic joins Dutch trade mission to Expo 2020 Dubai

From March 21st till March 24th, LG Sonic is participating in the Dutch trade mission to Expo 2020 Dubai. This mission is led by the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water, Mark Harbers, and joined by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. On the 23rd of March, LG Sonic CEO Yousef Yousef will speak at the Dutch water programme at the Expo.

The United Arab Emirates are important trade partners for the Netherlands and LG Sonic. Since launching a satellite office in Dubai, LG Sonic has secured multiple water treatment projects in the Middle East Region. One of the key partners in the area is the Dubai Municipality. LG Sonic ultrasound technology is applied in the precious Al Qudra lakes to improve water quality by controlling algal blooms.

Yousef Yousef opens smart water programme

As an inventor and advocate of scaling up green technologies, Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG Sonic, has been invited to open the Dutch session “Smart water management” taking place at the Expo Dubai 2020. In his opening speech, Yousef Yousef will share his vision on the impact of climate change on water resource management. Climate change, population growth and water demand require sustainable monitoring and treatment technologies.

First world expo in the Middle East

Ever since the first edition in 1851, the World Expo brings together countries from all over the world to display their product as well as to proudly convey knowledge about their motherlands. Expo 2020 Dubai marks the 35th edition of the event and it’s first ever in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region. The mission program can be viewed on the Dutch Dubai website.